Adios Mexico

Don’t know if it deserves it’s own post as it was an uneventful travel day home.   What an amazing trip where even the things that went “wrong” made for good stories and excuses to come back  🙂  Until next time Mexico!

Mexican Vacation: Our Hearts are in San Francisco

Lazy morning taking our time getting ready for a day filled with exploring; we slept in to 8:30 then made breakfast – however we realized that the tortillas we purchases two days prior were already moldy – which means they are truly homemade and 100% natural.  Crazy how tortillas back home last MONTHS!  No worries … More Mexican Vacation: Our Hearts are in San Francisco

Playa de Muertos

Before starting off our day we ventured into town to purchase some eggs, cheese, tortillas, tomato, and milk at a local store right by our villa.  All the items above (10 eggs, ½ pound of cheese, large package of tortillas, tomato and a half gallon of milk) was only 180 Pesos … so around $5.75 … More Playa de Muertos