Hi! I am Rachel, Welcome to Postcards to Iowa

The idea for Postcards to Iowa started…

…when I returned from my first solo trip to Belize. My friends asked me details about my trip, but I could not remember many, since I had completely unplugged during my time there, beyond a couple pictures, I had nothing but how I felt (which also eventually faded). The same thing happened a couple months later when I ventured to The Philippines, my first trip outside North America.

Two years later, as I geared up for my next solo trip, I didn’t want the same thing to happen; so as I wandered the streets of Paris, I started journaling. Later in the week, over dinner with fellow travelers at The Moulin Rouge, I shared why I was journaling. They recommended I name the collection of journals and post them, they asked me more questions and started brainstorming.

I told them I spent the first 30 years of my life in rural Iowa, before moving, sight-unseen, to Seattle, where I started living outside my comfort zone – for the first time! As an example, I told them that back in my “Iowa life” I would have never gone out to dinner by myself and I would have never, ever considered traveling solo. But here I was now, out to dinner by myself, traveling solo in Europe, and making new friends at The Moulin Rouge!

By intermission, they had a suggestion: “Postcards to Iowa”

I loved it! Since that night, my journal has evolved into a blog, Instagram and now a website, where I can share recommendations and lessons learned, condensed travel itineraries, and offer an opportunity to experience travel through my eyes with my travel journal.

Ultimately, I want to be the voice and guidance that I wished I had before my travels and adventures.

I hope you enjoy the site! Follow Postcards to Iowa by entering your email below and check out my personal website and blog: rachelzaccaro.com

Happy Adventures!


Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Iceland 2018