Mexican Vacation: Rachel’s Day

Derek being the best boyfriend ever – he was willing to go outside his comfort zone and head to Playa Escondida with me for a day pass.  This is a resort just north of Sayulita (100 Pesos/10 min taxi ride) and it is where The Bachelor in Paradise is filmed!!!!!!  I was on cloud 9.  
I had to make sure there was champagne for Corinne .
It is actually not has large as Derek thought and not as “resorty” however it is pretty fancy and over the top compared to what we have seen this week.  The views are spectacular and the pools and beach are set up in something out of a movie (or TV set).  We started on the beach with the best view of crashing waves into rocks and palm trees.  We then moved to the mini pool (it was SO nice to take a dip in the cool water) then we headed to lunch.
The resort restaurant surrounds the big infinity pool and overlooks the ocean.  
We had Maui Maui and Shrimp tacos (I do not know if these count – but the shrimp tacos were my favorite thus far)  The guacamole was nothing to write home about.  The coolest thing happened during our lunch – WE SAW WHALES IN THE DISTANCE!!!!  
They looked like Humpbacks and I guess it was pretty rare to see them as their migration was over a while ago.  Everything about this place was stunning and looked like no detail was left out.
After lunch a dip in the hot tub (yay I can say that I went in a bachelor hot tub) and then we went back to the mini pool.  
The pool was great, but we needed to get back down to the beach to secure a good spot for the sun set.  We spent the next couple hours on the beach waiting for the beautiful sun set and sipping yummy cocktails – hoping they were not resort prices. 

Right before sunset Juan made us “a surprise” drink – which he did very well at (mine cucumber and Derek’s pineapple) and he also caught us (nope just me) on the Bachelor in Paradise drama.  I guess Gorge was a big deal bar tender who was so popular that he made it onto the show (normally the staff at the resort is just working behind the scenes)  Gorge started his own business after his “big break” on the Bachelor in Paradise and now owns a tour company in town – we will need to look for him and I will have to get my gossip on who he is from Mina and Amanda.  
Juan is hoping to be the next Gorge so I had to get a picture with him incase he is on the show.  Juan has lived in Washington State as well!!  Very neat, fun and nice gentleman (and great bartender) The drinks were very strong as well!
The sunset was spectacular … no need to write words about it, the pictures do a better job….

In the dark we grabbed a taxi back to Sayulita and had dinner at Emiliano’s Cocina Mexicana.  We had a much needed salad – something that is finally green!!  It was nice to be on the resort but so much of the culture and what Mexico is Mexico for is lost.  Plus the people are stuffy and a little spoiled.  It felt great to be back in the hustle and bustle of the local flavor of the city. Derek was a little run down from a day in the sun, so we headed back “early” and called it a night, we had an early morning the next day.  

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