ATVing and Local Flavor

Our first official activity!! ATVING through the JUNGLE! We decided to go with the travel company they are all over here and seemed to be very nice and most importantly with Kim and Kayne came to Sayulita, they went ZIP LINNING here (proof below).  We had a very small group, just Derek and I and then another couple from San Francisco, CA (originally from Iowa – small world!) and our guide ended up being from Nebraska. Our tour started at 9:00 but we were there early at 8:20 with café con leche and water.  At 9:00 we took a van to the Mi Chaparritta area where we go a brief lesson on the ATVs (which were semi-automatic which was new to me) and we were asked if we wanted the “fun” ride or not.  Of course we were in for the fun … then we were off.  There is something scary but also freeing about doing tours in a country where there are not all the rules and regulations.  We started on the “highway” and then we took a left and we were in the Jungle.
The tour is guided and visits beaches, viewpoints, jungle, the village of Sayulita and its surroundings as it is way to Malpaso, Patzcuaro and Patzquarito . 

The first part of the trail was mucho rough and was a good fast warm up as I had not being ATVing (or I call it Quading) in over 10 years.  We went through the Jungle, up over hills and saw the beach peeking through the trees.  The only part of the trip that both Derek and I agreed would be better is if we could stop and take pictures as the entire time we did not stop long enough to take pictures.  However it forced us to be in the moment more.  We ended our trail at a beautiful private beach that was completely empty.  The waves were really rough.  There was no way (or it would take you forever) to walk to this beach and it would be pretty challenging.  It was a real treat to be there.
After about 15 minutes on the beach we headed back to Mi Chaparritta’s head quarters and had mini Coronas and even did a Tequila tasting.  I am not a fan of Tequila but this was MUY BIEN.  Coffee, Pecan and Pomegranate flavored Tequila.  I ended up given in to the great sales man and bought tres bottles.  Es muy bein for dinner parties and remember our trip to Mexico.
We headed back home for some lunch (leftovers from the days prior) and a long siesta. Around 4:00 we ventured into town to do some shopping and maybe eat dinner – which ended up being a snack, drinks and watch the sunset. However we finally got our much anticipated “money tails” or known here at Chocobanana as Deliciosa Chocobanana.  These hit the spot on a hot afternoon. 

It was an early night as around 8:00 we were home in bed and watched The Passengers – which Derek thought was good, but I was thinking it was overdone and just asi asi.

An interesting thing about being in Mexico – not once did someone ask us for money. Everyone had something they were selling or performing.  Some people have to even go as crazy as putting alcohol in their month and blowing fire.  I did not want to encourage him but it was really cool. 

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