Playa de Muertos

Before starting off our day we ventured into town to purchase some eggs, cheese, tortillas, tomato, and milk at a local store right by our villa.  All the items above (10 eggs, ½ pound of cheese, large package of tortillas, tomato and a half gallon of milk) was only 180 Pesos … so around $5.75 – the cost of what just the milk or eggs would cost back home.  UNBELIEVABLE.  Derek made yummy breakfast tacos and we were ready for the day!
The “Beach of the Dead” is a calmer beach located just south of Sayulita.  It is a quick walk by the Villa Amor (LOOKS AMAZING!! The perfect combination of resort and local – not too fancy but amazing views and what it looks like, service and amenities) and then through a cemetery (how the beach got its name). 

Playa de Muertos was just like the reviews – calming beach for swimming – no sunglasses lost today!  The only thing was in the reviews it said you can rent chairs and umbrellas – however when we got there, there was nothing to rent. The other much needed item to rent would have been a paddle board as the calm waters made it perfect for paddle boarding (if we go back we will see about renting a paddle board and having it delivered).  

We found some morning shade and luckily had my blanket purchase from earlier in the week.  We relaxed and swam for a couple hours – it felt wonderful to not be sick any longer.  My tummy was still a little warry of food so I had to eat little bites to build back up my appetite again. After not eating for a day – my swim suit looked muy bien. 
As the sun got hotter and we got more hungry we headed back to town for a late lunch.  It was hard to find somewhere to eat in that inbetween time – around 4:00.  We settled on
which had the BEST guacamole and salsa thus far!! We actually purchased more salsa to have at the house with some chips we had – this green salsa was the best salsa I probably have ever had!

After a walk back home and some relaxing and shade time – we decided to head back into town for maybe some dessert.  However the town was pretty dead and a lot of shops were closed.  We ended up at a popular breakfast spot El Espresso but they did not have dessert or drinks – so Derek had enchiladas and I had a Frappuccino (Snickers)  It was great and hit the spot, however it had coffee in it  😛 The food was asi asi. 

In the dark we headed back home – stopping to take a much headed picture in front of what was a cool store we have been looking at all week and say hello to a pretty cool doggy. We stayed out late on the porch playing Rummy and then Gin Rummy after I kept clearing the board in Rummy – however Derek had a good point – Rummy is not fair and not the best for 2 people, there is no incentive to “go out” – so after switching to Gin Rummy, we found our new more far game.

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