Mexico 2 Rachel 1

Well Sunday morning started off later than I hoped as I woke up with a bad tummy ache.  Normally I have a tummy of steel but this morning I was feeling a little gurgly.  I thought I could drink it off with some water and walk it off – but as we sat done to breakfast I was looking for a fast exit incase I needed to yak.  I ordered some mint tea which made me feel a lot better and downed some Pedo.  After a poor attempt to eat a waffle – Derek and I headed out to book the week.  We stopped to book a catamaran out to the Mira Islans and we also booked an ATV Tour (NOTE: Kim and Kayne went on the same tour!!!!  Looking forward to showing them up).  We also stopped and I got some sweet replacement glasses for, after some discussion, 200 Pesos (down from 300) They are RayBans  (but Derek calls them FauxBans) they look real and they were only around $10 American
…Rachel 1 Mexico 1
My tummy was feeling better, but I was just feeling out of it, run down and a little dizzy.  I kept up with the water but I needed a nap.  Derek and I headed back to the house for a mid-afternoon siesta where I started to feel better tummy wise but I was starting to get chills and still feel more out of it … Mexico 2 Rachel 1.  Thinking a massage would help (because when does it not??) we headed back to town.
It was around closing time, but I was able to get an hour massage for 400 Pesos ($20 bucks!) It was actually better than the ones I get at Massage Envy – however – Mexico is not the most modest place.  We were in open air – right on the beach and she expected me to just undress in front of everyone.  After convincing her I was going to leave my pants on she started.  It was worth the minor peak show some folks might have gotten on the beach.
I joined Derek back on the beach for a drink (I had soda water as I was still feeling out of it).  NOTE: soda water with lime is already great for indigestion and tummy troubles as it makes you burb which is good and makes you feel better.  We headed into town for dinner and were surprised to see it was packed!  The pizza spot we were going to go to had a 45+ min wait, so we got it llevar (pizza was the only thing I thought I could eat).  We also stopped to grab some ice-cream and headed home.
When we got home my chills got worse and I started to feel like I was getting the flu.  I was achy and had a headache.  I ended up not eating any pizza and only had a couple bites of ice-cream.  We headed to bed and watched SING and I prayed I was not getting the flu.  I went to bed with blankets and sweats on – however I woke up in the middle of the night sweating and finally feeling better.  In the morning I woke up feeling 95% better – like it never happened!!  Still have no idea the cause or even what was wrong as I was completely fine after that day.  Could have been my body freaking out as I have not relaxed and gotten so much sleep literary in 7+ months!!

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