Welcome to Colombia!!


We started off the day a little later than anticipated but we were still up and ready to go by 7:00 Seattle time. It was beautiful waking up feeling like we were surrounded by the ocean. I enjoyed the view while I sipped Starbucks from the swing. Everyone at the hotel that heard we were in the Presidential Suite asked how we liked the swing, it must be a new addition.



We headed down for breakfast and some light reading before heading to the airport.


After a $55 breakfast for one we were ready to continue our journey. It seems service just takes longer in Florida as everything we did took so long, after waiting 20 min for our Lyft we were excited to say goodbye to the resort life, put on our backpacks and at least look like we were ready to rough it. I like the description practically luxurious 🙂

Within 20 minutes we checked out bags and were at our gate waiting. Even though we were still in Florida, the announcements were in Spanish. We won the lottery as we did not have anyone between us on the flight and we were also thankful for the great leg room!


The flight was relaxing and uneventful and I was excited to fly over Jamaica- which until I met Derek, was the only place I had been out of the US.


We were filling out our customs forms when we got our first glimpse of Colombia!!


Couple lessons learned when we landed, have your hotel and address written on a post-it close….I had everything on my phone and printed out in my bag but I needed to reference and show it so many times having it handy means close and available. Also, the information about the Colombian airport was incorrect, there were no ATMS and there were also no machines to type in the address of hotel and to then get a print out of how much it should cost…luckily we are prepared and always have cash to just pay the extra conversation at the airport so you can pay for a taxi.

After converting $40 and negotiating with a taxi we were on our way. Another lesson, that Derek filled me in on after I made the mistake, never say it’s your first time visiting 🤦🏼‍♀️ that’s one of the reasons you travel – to learn! Luckily the taxi driver didn’t bite and we were fine but good to know I need to lie…”nope, here all the time” 🤣

We arrived at our hotel and were welcomed by James, who was very nice and spoke amazing English. Another lesson, I printed out all the hotel confirmations but not the price and without wifi and under pressure I couldnt confirm the price. I did however confirm later and it was correct, but in the future I will be ready.


Our hotel is perfect!! Definitely made for tinier people but it’s great, small, and very cute. We unpacked got settled and shared a Colombian beer by the pool right after sunset. We were surprised by fireworks!! So nice of them to welcome us 🙂


We changed and were ready to go out to dinner but after looking at the map and Loney Planet learned that the only people who eat as early as 6:30 are adults with young kids and older people 🤣 so we grabbed some mini bar Pringles and waited until 7:30, which is the time the places we were eyeing opened!!


Derek for the win!!!! He suggested El Baron which he found on Trip Advisor and OMG the drinks were amazing and the food – we only got a couple tapas but the shrimp roll (which I thought would be like an asian shrimp roll) was actually like a lobster roll from New England BUT BETTER, like top 10 things I’ve ever eaten better!!


We had front row seats for ever drink that was made and they all were crafted to perfection from master bar tender Sebastian.


Sebastian took great care if us and even gave us a list of places we should try when we are here. We started our first night off setting a high bar! But we look forward to trying to beat it over the next couple days.


What a great first couple hours in this amazing country. Buenas noches ❤

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