Nuestra Aventura en Colombia


Arriving 2 hours before our flight left, we checked our bags and headed to our gate and stopped for a celebratory drink. (Note that I’m proud that my bag was only 41 lbs….trying to redeem myself for some poor packing choices when we went to Australia). Also celebrating that this will be the first vacation I have been on in 10 years where I did not bring my work computer!!

Also celebrating that we got upgraded to first class!! Enjoying the last month of my 75k status on Alaska Airlines. We could have flown directly to Colombia but since Alaska doesn’t fly there we decided to fly to Fort Lauderdale for the night and then head to Colombia the next day. Not only does this break up the long flight and trip but it was amazing to be treated with first class! Interesting fact, the flight from Seattle to Fort Lauderdale is the same length as Seattle to Hawaii!


Derek was able to use his charm to arrange it so our seats were actually next to each other. The day and trip are off to a good start!! Siting back and relax for our 5 hour 45 min flight to Florida!


LANDED!!! What a relaxing flight, I’m going to miss first class. We picked up our bags and first lesson of the trip, invest in a good back pack, my brand new one already broke. After securing the top with another strap and deciding we should put it in a bag tomorrow on our international flight, we were off to wait for our Lyft.

45 minutes and two Lyft drivers later we were on the way to our hotel. It appears Lyft drivers have no idea where to pick up passengers at FLL. Second lesson, book a hotel with a hotel shuttle or stay at the airport.


Two hours after landing it is all worth it as we settled into the PRESIDENTIAL SUITE!! Definitely getting the most out of my last month of platinum elite status at Marriott. This room is crazy – telescope, a swing, and panoramic doors that open to the ocean breeze. Too bad we are only here for 12 hours.


After settling in, we were off to the number 1 restuarant in Broward county- which happens to be in our hotel.


Lona Cocina Tequileria had great food, drinks, loud music and right across the street from the ocean.



Derek had the fish tacos and I had a lobster quesadilla….which were super good! I know nothing about chefs but apparently the chef here is a big deal, here is more on that: “Celebrated chef Pablo Salas brings Lona Cocina Tequileria to Fort Lauderdale Beach. Lona promises to bring something truly unique to the region: quality service, superior cuisine and the setting of a high-end restaurant with the laid-back fun, approachability and price points of a casual waterfront Mexican cantina.”


After dinner I was ready to relax even though it was only 7 our time. We headed back to the room for some R&R and House Hunters.

Super excited to wake up tomorrow and see the ocean and head to a new continent (for me).

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