Isla Grande Rosario Islands

No one else I’d rather be on an island with!

We needed to be at the Santa Cruz Marine Dock by no later then 8:30 for the only transfer that day. With an alarm at 6:45 I was tired!! Probably should have skipped the nightcap….but we only have sun and rest in front of us for the day. My only concern was the hour boat ride 🤢🤢🤢

We a staying at San Pedro de Majagua, which we booked on I had no idea it was so fancy until I read this in a travel blog after arrival “Super duper luxury, book a stay at the islands only five-star resort, San Pedro de Majagua. It has absolutely gorgeous cabanas with hammocks on the patios where you can just chill and read a book. It has its own private beach, tons of lounge chairs, a massage tent with plush looking beds, and they have all of the tour booking companies on-site if you want to go snorkeling or diving while you’re there.”

Guess we hit the jackpot! We arrived after an hour boat ride where I did ok-took Dramamine and had my wrist pressure point bracelets. On the way we slowed to see The Castillo San Fernando which guard the entrance to Cartagena’s Bay.

I couldn’t find much on the Castillo San Fernando, but I will look in Lonely Planet later. They said it guarded the bay and was also a prison at one time. We ventured on and arrived to some juice and an origination of the island.

Given our plans changed I tried to cancel our last night in Espanol….it didn’t work to well, saying manana noche while waving my hand in a cutting motion by my neck and shaking my head “no” ….I spoke in English and the receptionist understood. However they are not going to honor the 50% cancellation fee and offered a private boat for $150 vs the $450 they said in their email. We now need to decide if we stick to the new plan and go back tomorrow with the others and stay at our Cartegena hotel that’s holding our luggage and just eat the $150 hotel OR go with the new offer and stay both nights and hire a boat back for $150 that leaves Thursday morning in time for our flight to Medellin (stopping by our hotel to pick up our bags) Unsure if we can cancel our hotel there 🤦🏼‍♀️ Thinking sticking to our original plan but we have a day in the sun to think about it.

After my failed attempt at the front desk we headed to the beach. It’s so beautiful!!

If you look closely you can see Cartagena.

We settled in and as soon as I was comfortable Derek said “oh no” and pointed up….I was right under a coconut tree! Which coconuts kill a lot of people a year!

Lesson learned to bring more cash, we blew through what we brought with purchasing water shoes, tip and a night time eco tour. Hopefully we can charge everything to our room 😬. We are super excited about the eco tour tonight to see biluminescent algae in the water! No cameras allowed, we have to look with our eyes and remember with our minds ❤

Here is more on that from Lonely Planet and some travel blogs about the algae…we are going to a nearby lagoon: Laguna encantada. “Apparently, a massive proliferation of algae in Colombian coasts are causing what is known as bioluminescence, a bizarre phenomenon that makes the sea shine. Scientifically, bioluminescence is a phenomenon caused by algal blooms during which algae become so numerous that they discolor coastal waters.”

I did succeed at spending my last $50,000 when I negotiated down two beautiful hand made coasters. They will be perfect for our deck.

After hanging out at the beach our room was ready around 1:30 and we unloaded or small bags and went to grab lunch. Once again, lesson learned, take a screen shot of what you are booking before you book and print it out. I booked an ocean view room with hammocks and it is on the ocean but there is no view or hammock. It is still amazing but just a lesson I have learned this trip.

Finally got our limonada de cocos – this cheers is for you Erin!


Yummy fish sticks, I’ve never had fish sticks taste so fresh. Derek had a burger and we both had papas fritas.

Afternoon siesta!

More siestas…

We walked around the property around sunset, boy did it die down, lots of people just come for the day. The perfect below with what looks like seashells are actually pieces of dead coral that washed up!

Heading back to the beach and maybe a massage but signing off for the day as all that is on the list is R&R and then a mindful (no cameras allowed) eco tour! hablamos mañana

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