Byron Bay to Brisbane + the Steve Irwin Zoo

Morning in Byron Bay

This was funny!  Great marketing – tell someone not to come in and we did – we even had already had our coffee

Just some morning yoga

The Pass which was a recommendation by Emily and Kevin (THANK YOU!) it was amazing.  Great location, wonderful food and drinks.  We had our energy, now it was time to tackle the Light House

I didn’t try it but should have!!  It was the first I heard of this, I bet they are sweet

Pumpkin on a salad – it was so good.  Derek’s breakfast sandwich looked really good as well.

Watermelon Juice – cannot get enough….I was struggling a little this morning…too much celebrating

Cape Byron Lighthouse…Cape Byron Light is an active lighthouse located at Cape Byron, New South Wales, Australia. It is Australia’s most powerful lighthouse, with a light intensity of 2,200,000 cd. Cape Byron, the easternmost point of the mainland of Australia, is about 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) northeast of the town of Byron Bay.

Eastern most point of Australia!!!!!!

Thought I saw a shark….

Then saw a turtle!!!!


Back on the road….Traveling to Brisbane and then on to the Australia Zoo

These yellow silhouettes where lined at construction zones to draw attention to the fact people were working there

And we though traffic was bad in Seattle…took us over an hour longer to FINALLY get to the Zoo

Thinking of you Cheryl!!

Random mountain in the middle of nothing by flatness.  It is like a mini Ayers Rock.  I made a mention note to try and figure out what it was!!

Here is what I found out…Mount Ngungun is the sixth tallest of the Glass House Mountains at 253 m. It has a well maintained walking trail to the summit that affords good views. The trail from carpark (with tap) is not as steep as the higher mountains and is open to beginners. The south face contains steeper, unmarked but well known rock climbing routes. When viewed from Moreton Bay it lines up with and is silhoutted by Mount Beerwah and Mt Coonowrin/Crookneck. This was noted by Captain Cook on his first voyage of along the East coast of Australia.

Australia Zoo (Steve Irwin Zoo) My mom gave Derek tickets to the Australia Zoo for Christmas!  It was amazing.

These guys were everywhere!

This is a croc that Steve captured and was famous in his show.

The trainer feed him a WHOLE CHICKEN – feathers and all!  These Salt Water Crocs can lunge up to their entire bodies length.

Just chilling with my ‘roo

They look fake!!

Derek was talking to the Dingos

Reminded me of Gizmo.  It was SO HOT

One and only night out in Brisbane

Walked by this beautiful church and there was singing – it was wonderful

Whatever Hawkers??

Came across a light show on what looked like a town hall. It was the story of Christmas, it was really cool – it started every 7 min

We left the square and we were on our way to our destination – CASINO!  I read that gaming is HUGE in Australia.  On average Australia’s spending $2000 gambling!!  Since cameras are not allowed I have no pictures.  Lets just say it was an experience.  It was in a HUGE old what looked like a police station. There were hundreds of rooms that had games in them. Walking through the halls and seeing pockets of gaming and different places, even saw BINGO in one!  We ate dinner and then each took $5.  Derek lost his in slots and I tripped mine in Roulette.

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