DAY 2 – Dublin, France

First full day in Dublin – highlight seeing Once in DUBLIN (where it was created)

Hop on and off bus around the city

Guinness Factory Tour.  This was quite an operation.  We could easily have spent hours (or the entire day here) but we raced through it in under 2 hours….by the end we were ready to taste our Guinness and to be honest I think I found my new beer! I used to pretend to drink Guinness only to be cool, but know that I know the history and appreciate it more, I have really come to enjoy it over the past couple days.  I hear from Derek that it does not taste as good as it does in Ireland back home….I am anxious to find out.  It was a great tour and a lot of fun.

The famous St James’s Gate

FINALLY on our way for our mini taste
Our full pint at the Gravity Bar….a 360 view of Dublin
Some great marketing…..

Selfie with the Millennial statue….because that is what you do!

ONCE!!! Such a treat to see it in the city where it takes place and it was created!  It was a fantastic show and the highlight of my day.

You can actually go on stage before the show to get a drink as the stage is a bar!!
President of Ireland’s House (their “White House”)

The Kilmainham Gaol, which has been rated the “top 10 of Dublin” in almost every book I had read on Ireland.  It was very interesting and educational.  I learned so much and it was amazing how many stories and history took place in this Gaol (pronounced Jail) More information here  Some of the most “popular” stories are Joseph Plunkett and Grace Gifford and the man who was thought to be the tipping point in Ireland getting their independence, James Connolly.  This is a great year to be in Ireland as it celebrates 100 years sign the republic of 1916.

A quick view of St Peter’s Church

Finally seeing Gabe and Laura!!  It had been over a year!!

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