DAY 6 – Paris, France

Lesson of the day: When you are utterly exhausted your mind literary does not work
I had booked an all day Wine Enthusiast Tour months ago and today was suppose to be the day.  I woke up at 6:00 AM after barely 4 hours of sleep and put the meeting spot cafe in my phone.  I knew the general direction as I had looked it up many times.  I got to the spot early but was surprised no one was there, so I called and he said he was on his way.  30 min go by and nothing, I call again, and this time he asked where I was.  I guess there are multiple cafes of the meeting spot and the pictures they sent looked just like the real meeting spot (which was 4 more spots on the Metro).  I would have researched more as I waited but since he said he was on his way I just waited.  Hard lesson to learn, but once again, DO NOT OVER BOOK YOURSELF!  Looking back on the events of the wine tour that I was suppose to be on right now, it would have been a very long day, a lot of “couple” activities, and a lot of the things I have done already (cheese tasting, wine tasting).  However, I was excited to see the France country side and I am disappointed that I missed it (and have to eat the money)…but traveling (and life) is all about learning lessons and find the silver lining.

With that I am back in my hotel room for a MUCH needed NAP…I have to get up at 3:00 AM tomorrow (I know, what was I thinking booking a 16 hour wine tour the day before I leave Paris??) I might venture to Van Gouh’s famous spot where he painted Cafe Terrace at Night as that is my favorite painting of all time…or I might go on the Seide.

4 hours later….

I spent the day walking around Paris…26,000 steps!  I got up for my much needed nap feeling a little more rested.  Started off with a banana, Nutella creep and was on my way. Here are my stops along the way….

look closely…..I found a 12th man!!

no idea what this was…I cannot believe this fancy of a court would be the store, but maybe!

Like the Starbucks, I had to do it….I love Sex and the City and really fell in love with Paris when Carrie went there.  I visited the hotel she stayed at and the bridge that her and Big had their long awaited kiss on.  

Scenes from movie…..The arrival of Carrie in Paris

Interesting story about this bridge, was this was the bridge that hundreds (actually thousands) of locks where put on and it got to the point where too many locks were put on they had to remove the locks as they were in fear of the bridge collapsing (actually part of the Pont des Arts collapsed).  (more here and pictures of this below)

One last tour….Champagne Tasting on the Seine

“je t’aime Paris, but it is time to say Au Revoir”

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